A simple color chooser written in GTK3

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Gcolor3 is a color selection dialog written in GTK3. It is much alike Gcolor2, but uses the newer GTK version to integrate better in your modern desktop. It has the same feature set as Gcolor2 and even uses the same file to save colors for compatibility reasons.

Compare Gcolor3 with Gcolor2: Screenshot


The most recent version of Gcolor3 requires GTK 3.10. If your distribution uses an older version, please use Gcolor3 version 1.0. Functionally, both releases are the same - only the UI has changed!


You can help translate Gcolor3 in your language! Currently, Gcolor3 is available in Dutch, German, French, Norwegian, British English and Swedish. New translations are always welcome! For instructions on how to translate Gcolor3, see the README on GitHub.


For any bug or request fill an issue on GitHub.